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Her Name is Pearl!

Pearl (or Queen V as I call her ) and I have a bit of social media history. We finally got the chance to chat over the phone after a couple years of being online friends. Pearl is apart of the online black women self love social forum that I created. We develop some strong chemistry and a sisterhood! We talked family, hair, black women and more!

Where did the name Pearl come from? What's your age ? Where are you from?

Pearl: I start going by "Pearl" in college. I used to roll the best and they would say: "you pearled that blunt".Meaning, I rolled it perfectly! I'm 28 soon and hail from Dallas, Texas.

Who are you? What are the makings of you?

Pearl: I am someone who is focused on family and becoming a better me. I wasted time not being positive or doing much of anything. Life is very valuable for me now. Every move I make I think how it may help or hurt. I try to be the best me I can because I know energy rubs off. I am concentrated on being happy.

Who are the people in your surroundings?

Pearl: There are a few people from my adolescence. I also have my mom, a couple siblings, a grandmother and my aunty. My aunty is my best friend. She never judges me, always gives the best advice and I can tell her anything. Living with my siblings has allowed me to implement what I did not learn. I want them to do their own research when they learn things.

After high school I left my family for college and never looked back . When I came back home I felt distant and out of place but now I try to give them my time.

What is your daily life like ?

Pearl: I work on a daily basis and spend a lot time doing my self care. I enjoy doing my lashes, hair, nails and working on my crafts. I am a home body but I do enjoy going to the gym.

What do you think of when you hear the term "bad hair"?

Pearl: It makes me mad because I don't think any hair is bad! All hair is manageable and you just have to educate yourself. I don't like that the term "bad hair" is associated with black people.

How long have you been growing your locs? Describe your relationship with them and their meaning to you?

Pearl: My locs are everything! I've been growing my locs for three years. Before I locked my hair I didn't like doing my hair and would never switch up. It was hard to manage when it wasn't locked. Locking my hair made me feel so free! I had to re-lock my hair in the beginning because I washed it wrong. It took me 2 weeks to comb them out. I was so scared!

It can get difficult when I have not done my loc maintenance in a while because the longer they get the more they have to be maintained. I loved my journey but regret allowing someone do them one time because they used a product that didn't agree with my hair. I do my own now. I had to keep working on it to get them the way I needed . I worked hard and was patient . It humbled me. If you work on it you can finesse them!

What do you think the biggest misconception is about your locs?

Pearl: That they smell bad. I wont lie I did fear that at first. I make sure my locs smell good. I don't want people to think my locs stink yet unfortunately I have met people with that issue.

What Black Forward Life product did you try? What were your thoughts?

Pearl: I tried the aloe spray and loved it! I wouldn't mind using it as a fragrance spray. I put it in my hair and felt the way it was moisturizing. I use it before I style my locs . I was getting compliments plus I can really tell the difference. Even when I had build up it was still making my hair look great!

Why is self acceptance important?

Pearl: Waiting on someone else is waiting on validation. Receiving a compliment wont always happen and you have to be confident enough on your own. If that compliment does come it's an addition to what you already feel. When you try to please others you end up jumping through hoops! If I like what I am creating I am going to do my best and put it out there! This feeling has recently transpired because I used to wait around for validation but I learned to be confident and put it out there. I am passionate now because I slept on myself for a long time.

What is your message to black women?

Pearl: Take time being single, invest in yourself and craft. I learned how to do nails. I constantly put money in my friends pocket. I pour money into our own community. Everything that I do is inspired by a black women. I was inspired by one of my friends to begin sewing.

We are so much stronger together than apart. I hate to see black women fighting and videos of fights. I'm big on black women standing together because we are smarter. We place ourselves against each other for entertainment when we should make things more positive. We can move mountains once we get on the same frequency. Come on now!

Written and published by Queen Stoney

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