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Renny-tingz Possible!

Updated: Jun 12

Renny and I used to work for the same company a few years back! We follow each other on social media and he is a supporter of the Black Forward Life movement. I reached out to Renny not only because I needed male models but because he was an actual client. It was the icing on the cake!

I was so excited because he is officially the first Black Forward Life male model! We got a chance to sit down and chat!

Describe Renny. What are you about? Where did you grow up?

Renny: I was born in Long Island, NY, and raised by my grandmother since I was 9 months. I moved outside of Wilmington, NC when I was just 11 years old. Long Island was more of a financially stable type of community. My grandparents built a house back in the day so they were fortunate enough to own property and were well off.

When I moved to North Carolina I was culture-shocked! I attended Pender High School and went from being the ONLY black kid to just ANOTHER black kid. I participating in plenty of sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, and track. I got good at baseball!

What is important to you? What do you value?

Renny: My family, as well as my friends, are important to me. I have about 3 solid friends in my circle that are all trying to do something with their lives but I am also surrounded by plenty of great people.

My sister and I have a business venture coming called "What The Smoke?" It's a mobile hookah truck. We used to work at lounges and attend plenty of events that are lacking in that area. Be on the lookout for us!

You mentioned to me before about your heart surgery. Tell me more about your life experience with that.

Renny: I had heart surgery in 2018. I had an extremely high heart rate, drove myself to the hospital, and had surgery immediately. I spent 9 months recovering and took care of myself. I worked from home but could not participate in ANY activities which caused me to gain 35 Ibs. They never knew what caused it.

What are your thoughts on male grooming and keeping up appearances?

Renny: I am someone who likes to be comfortable and natural. I prefer to wear basketball shorts and loungewear. I do know how to clean up when handling business. I am a laid back and kind of a shy person.

You tried both the beard butter and oil for men. What were your thoughts?

Renny: I’ve used beard oil and balm and I can say that this blessing in a container will always be in my routine. The beard butter was not heavy and gave a luxurious shine not to mention the smell is amazing. My beard stays soft all day. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to travel in the beard lane to use Black Forward Life!

Fathers Day is approaching soon. Discuss your relationship with your father. What has he taught you?

Renny: My father was locked up for many years but end up finding me and we talk all the time. He has taught me about perseverance. After doing his time, he picked himself up and became an entrepreneur. He has his own business and is doing well for himself.

Discuss the importance of father figures?

Renny: I am around a circle of great fathers. One of my friends is a single father and fought to get his child. I do not have any children myself but I let my friends know that they are doing a great job. Everyone needs to acknowledge great fathers! I plan on having a tribe of my own with the right person.

What is your message to black men?

Renny: Keep moving forward. Bad things will happen here and there but even if you have the faith of a mustard seed you must keep watering and it will grow. Keep God first because good karmic energy attracts positive energy.

Written and published by Queen Stoney

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